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About Screendance

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Screendance or Dance on Film or Dance Film?

What's it all about then? The definition of screendance and what constitutes it is something that is frequently discussed and there are various takes on it.

After attending the Screendance conference in North Carolina in 2008, DANCE:FILM director Steph Wright was introduced to Karen Pearlman's (screendance practitioner and academic) definition which is best demonstrated by her Venn diagram.

Screendance is essentially a hybrid artform coming out of crossovers between Cinema (film), Dance and Visual Art. Great articles about defining screendance can be found online in the following links.

A Dance of Definitions - Karen Pearlman

Screendance: The State of the Art Conference Proceedings 2006

Screendance: Curating the Practice/Curating as Practice 2008 Papers

DANCE:FILM's approach is one that takes into everything into account. With no element of screendance being more significant than the other, DANCE:FILM is keen to celebrate it all. The festival is keen to provide a platform for audiences to discover dance on film and screendance in all contexts and to bring film goers to dance and dance audiences to film.

There is a vibrant screendance international community with critical and academic discourse led by The Screendance Network. The Screendance Network produces the International Journal of Screendance, an artist led publication on the field of screendance.

Other screendance festivals around the world include:

Moves in Liverpool, UK
Videodanza in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reeldance in Australia
Cinedans in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There is a wealth of information on the internet about screeendance so check it all out!